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Graduating from Blackboard

Graduation Cake Guy by Flickr user CarbonNYC, used under CC license.

Graduation Cake Guy by Flickr user CarbonNYC, used under CC license.

In August of 1999 I joined a small startup that was intent on changing education using the power of the Internet. My colleagues and I did it. It has been incredibly fun, challenging, full of highs and lows and ultimately satisfying. I got to write and design products used by millions of people. I traveled the world, met thousands of people, saw some amazing things and heard incredible stories. I want to sincerely thank every one of you who made that possible.

What’s Next

Some of you might be wondering what’s next for me. I have no comment at this time. If my life is a reality TV series I’m going to end this season on a cliff hanger.

DevCon 2010 Preview

This Sunday (July 10) we will kick things off with the OSCELOT Open Source Day. This will be a fun day of code jamming and collaborating. I’m bringing my laptop and my IDE.
Monday and Tuesday we will have the official Blackboard sponsored program. Anna Kamenetz will be our keynote speaker, followed by my own annual DevCon keynote in the afternoon. We’re going to be joined by a special guest, Ray Henderson. I think Ray’s willingness to co-present at the DevCon keynote signifies that he personally takes openness of our platform very seriously. I’ve asked him to make some public comments and commitments regarding further opening of the Blackboard Learn(&tm;) platform and standards. As part of this commitment we will have a significant block of time at the conference dedicated to IMS standards. IMS staff will be presenting information with Blackboard customers and partners demonstrating how these standards can be used in Blackboard.

After our comments we will have some tremendous sessions including a performance engineering workshop lead by Steve Feldman, and other tracks focused on System Administration, Getting Started with Building Blocks, Database Reporting and Tools. We’ve also setup collaborative areas in the hallway where we will have Blackboard Experts standing by ready to provide expert advice and insights on building and extending Blackboard.

If you are missing DevCon and Open Source Day this year, then I hope you’ll follow along on twitter and blogs with various information. I will do my best to try to get some blog posts up during the week with my own reflections. If you are covering DevCon via your blog or social media post a comment below and let me know where I can follow your conversation.