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This site uses a number of browser cookies. I use these cookies for security, spam prevention and to get anonymous usage statistics on the readership of this blog. This blog does not attempt to collect or track sensitive information.

Upon first visit to this site you will be notified about the use of cookies and need to consent to these cookies before you can browse the site. I’m working to figure out if I can support a cookie free mode, but at the moment if you decline you are directed away.

When you load the pages on this site you will receive first party cookies served from this site as well as third party cookies from various content I’ve linked to. I’ve attempted to capture the third party content cookies. Here are the cookies I’m aware of as of the date this document was published.

Cookies Set Directly by this Site

Cookies Cookie Usage and Description
These cookies are used by Google Analytics to gather anonymous usage date and provide me with usage stats. Please click the preceding link for more details about the information captured by these cookies.
__qca This is a WordPress cookie used for the WordPress stats tools
These cookies are used by wordpress to store your preferences and make sure cookies are working correctly.
jsCookiewarning29Check This cookie tracks your decision to accept cookies form this site.

Cookies which may be set by content embeded on this site

Cookies Cookie Usage and Description
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Twitter may place a number of third party cookies on your browser from the twitter share links on this site. For information about these cookies visit Twitter’s privacy page.
Facebook The Facebook share links may also store third party cookies on your browser. Please see the Facebook privacy page for details.
Automatic’s Gravatar When you post comments to this site your profile image may be shared subject to the Gravatar privary policy if you have a Gravatar account.
YouTube and other Google Content I embed Google content from YouTube and other Google sites. This content may contain flash cookies and other mechanisms to track you as relates to other Google services. See the Google privacy policy for more information

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